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Life Is More Enjoyable When You Place Your Trust In Experienced, Fully Insured Dog Walkers

And Puppy Sitters Who Genuinely Care About You And Your Dog!

Life is hectic in New York City and if you're like us, your dogs have become family members. So when you can not be with them because of work, vacation or other obligations, you want them to have the same love and attention that you give them. And that is exactly what we offer at DogDay Dog Walkers!

Each of us loves dogs and lives in NYC, so you are assured that we will be there when you (and your dog) need us      

Also because there are several of us, we can cover for each other in an emergency so you never have to worry about someone being unable to come take care of your dog.  

At DogDay Dog Walkers we give your dog more than a routine walk, we provide exercise, companionship and loving care ~ our goal is to exceed your expectations!

We offer a wide range of services for all dog breeds and personality types. You simply choose the schedule and services that best meet the needs of you and your dog(s), and we at DogDay Dog Walkers will do the rest!

Our Services Include:

  • Walking: 30, 45-or 60-minute
  • Feeding for no additional charge
  • Overnight and extended home stays
  • Day Boarding
  • Puppy Sitting and Socialization

Our Walking Rates Are:

  • 30 minute walk - $20
  • 45 minute walk - $25
  • 60 minute walk - $30
  • For additional dogs from the same home (walked together), please add $5 per dog to the above prices
  • For walks between 7 pm and 7 am, please add $5 per walk to the above prices
  • For guaranteed private walks, please add $5 per walk to the above prices

Our Boarding, Home Care and Puppy Socialization Prices:

  • Overnight and extended stays with us - $60 per night / 50% off per additional dog from the same home
  • If your dog prefers to stay at home while you are away, we make house calls to walk, feed and play at our listed walking rates
  • Day boarding - $30 per day (7 AM to 7 PM) / 50% off per additional dog from the same home
  • Contact us to learn about our low puppy sitting and socialization rates

Two's Company; Three's A Crowd!

At DogDay Dog Walkers we offer private (one dog) and semi-private (two dogs) walks - we don't believe in large pack walking

We are open M-F from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM and by appointment nights, weekends and holidays - rain, snow, heat or cold - 24/7

To provide our clients with the most reliable service possible, we have limited our walking / puppy sitting area to 94th - 135th street - from the East River to the Hudson

Please click on the Contact Us tab near the top of this page to schedule your meet & greet appointment!


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